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Monday 17-24 • Tuesday-Thursday 13-24 • Friday 13-24 • Saturday 10-24 • Sunday 10-22 • Bar is open till late

Nowogrodzka 10

No reservations. Tables in Bibenda are for walkins.

Honest food
and natural wine.

Bibenda is here for you to spend time right. Come with closer or more distant friends for a quick lunch or dinner or a longer libation. Bibenda is about toasts, banging glasses and coming out slightly tipsy. We like to share food, order more bread and lick the plates clean.

This is Bibenda.

Empty bottles at the bar, empty plates on tables, full Bibenda, full satisfaction.

Our food is all about vegetables. All year we visit our dear farmers’ fields and use what spring, summer and autumn has to offer. This lands on your plates. We are not afraid of dairy and meat but only from verified sources, done right, responsibly.

Bibenda Jars

Our jars offer is half way towards our long time dream: Bibenda Deli.

You will find our evergreens and classics, that you can take home and take some of our flavours home, experimenting as you please. Your fridge is full of our goods, it’s very comforting.


Take them home!

All our wines are available for take away.
The whole selection in special take home prices.
Ask the waiters and pack them home.

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